For the evolving humanity, thirsty for a new future... a mission for true peace, life and celebration of the differences!

explore a new equilibrium in body’s cells...

fasting is not
starving the body.

It is about breaking the ‘seal’ within,
which dwarfs and traps
the ‘self’ & the ‘Spirit’...
It is about nourishing the whole being,
and preparing ‘that’ new you,
for real future in the new frontier!

Discover a new way of seeing life,

with the fundamental elements that run through our bodies, food & planet.

Integral Fasting means

Seeing & nourishing the 'self' as whole of the cosmos!

Discover a new way of seeing life,

with the fundamental elements that run through our bodies, food & planet.

A long while ago, some of our own, the homo sapiens,
groped within their bodies to observe the cells, modify
functions & general processes, and shared their profound
discovery for the whole of humanity!

The innate potential of healing or modifying the body’s processes is being
rediscovered by science, in the current trend of fasting, which is
in fact one of the oldest traditions of humanity. With a unique offering,
‘fasting culture’ attempts to synthesize these ancient and the modern
discoveries from the East & the West, for the need of our time.

A mission, a service,
a product, for those of us who dream to see differently and aspire to become one with all...

How does it work? Simply!

  1. 1Build your profile with the free
    Questionnaire or with an at-home
    urine-test for $ 9.99
  2. 2Simply choose a 12hr / 14hr / 16hr /18hr / 20hr or 24hr fasting program, or follow your intention and choose a healing journey from: 'Strengthening Body', 'Streamlining Mind' or 'Soaring Soul'.
  3. 3Schedule and set your journey by selecting from a list of recommendations for:
    Custom Diet/Recipes, Breath Yoga, Sound Therapy, and Integral Meditations for Soul.

Your Fasting Window:

Whether intermittent fast, circadian fast, juice fast or
water fast, simply choose your fasting program to auto-set
the fasting timer, or customize your fasting window and
mindful activities for the day, just as you wish!

Learn about:

lady doing yoga fasting culture

A delightful synthesis,
an integral experience
brought alive within!

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