For the evolving humanity, thirsty for a new future... a mission for true peace, life and celebration of the differences!


of our Bodies
and our Society
is a difficult
and costly affair!


WAY TO which
your health-care is covered
by your food, your mind,
and your soul?

For the cost of a cup of coffee/tea,
would you buy peace & well-being,
and become your very own
health-care provider?


explore a new equilibrium in body’s cells...

Do you know? fasting is not
about starving the body.

It is about breaking the ‘seal’ within,
which dwarfs and traps
the ‘self’ & the ‘Spirit’...
It is about nourishing the whole being,
and preparing ‘that’ new you,
for real future in the new frontier!


Daily Guide During Pandemic

Learn How to Prevent Naturally & Freely with Simple Means Available to You.

Integral Fasting means

spiritualizing & nourishing your ‘self’ – a whole of the cosmos!

Daily Guide During Pandemic

Learn How to Prevent Naturally & Freely with Simple Means Available to You.

Integral Fasting means

spiritualizing & nourishing your ‘self’ – a whole of the cosmos!

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Our cry for help for the lost beauty, the cry to simply feel good in our body – the hell created by those damned diseases – the unkind reality named as Obesity, Diabetes, Fatty Liver, Cancer, Cardiovascular Abnormality, Erratic Blood Pressure, Brain Fog and...more names get on the list as ‘we’ continue to live ‘this reality’. Shall we enter a new reality with progressive doctors and the leading scientists and institutions who have declared fasting as an absolutely effective solution, not only for the prevention but also to cure some cases/conditions?

The benefits of intermittent fasting are from metabolic switching. During fasting, glucose is depleted and the liver converts fatty acids to ketones to be used for energy instead of glucose....Elevation of ketones is a marker of the metabolic switch, but studies suggest beneficial cellular responses beyond ketones...So even if someone is not in ketosis, there are still benefits of fasting. Other health benefits adding to the list are weight loss, decreased inflammation, cancer risk reduction, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, brain health, and anti-aging.”

Dr. Mark Mattison
John Hopkins School of Medicine

Fasting is evolutionarily embedded within our physiology, triggering several essential cellular functions. Flipping the switch from a fed to fasting state does more than help us burn calories and lose weight. The researchers combed through dozens of studies to explain how simple fasting improves metabolism, lowering blood sugar; lessens inflammation, which improves a range of health issues from arthritic pain to asthma; and even helps clear out toxins and damaged cells, which lowers risk for cancer and enhances brain function.” 

Dr. Monique Tello
Harvard Medical School

Reducing abdominal and liver fat, FMD diet pushes the body into a high fat-burning mode, mainly using abdominal/visceral fat but also liver fat, which are central to the promotion of diabetes and other diseases...Nutrition is clearly the most important factor you can take control of to affect how long you live, whether you will be diagnosed with certain major diseases, and whether you will be active and strong or sedentary and frail in old age...awakening the body’s dormant ability to heal, protect, regenerate, and rejuvenate itself.”

Dr. Valter Longo
University of Southern California,
School of Gerontology

A mission, a service,
a product, for those of us who dream to see differently and aspire to become one with all...

‘fasting culture’ offers Integral Fasting: You begin by discovering first the current state of your body & mind, which should guide you for not only what to eat, but also how to breathe, meditate & vibrate your being while you go through a fasting journey – an at-home help for you or your doctor to achieve your health-goal!

How does it work? Simply!

  1. 1Build your profile with the
    questionnaire or with an at-home
  2. 2Simply choose a 12hr / 14hr / 16hr /18hr / 20hr or 24hr fasting program, or follow your intention and choose a healing journey from: 'Strengthening Body', 'Streamlining Mind' or 'Soaring Soul'.
  3. 3Simply set and enjoy your fasting journey by selecting sessions/recommendations for:
    Custom Diet/Recipes, Breath Yoga, Sound Therapy, and Integral Meditations for Soul.
    Just with a click, schedule your fast for one day or, repeat daily!

Your Fasting Window:

Intermittent fast, Circadian fast, Juice fast, Water fast or
OMAD – simply choose your fasting program to auto-set
the fasting timer, or customize your fasting window and
mindful activities for the day, in ‘Your Way to Fast’.

Learn about:

lady doing yoga fasting culture

A delightful synthesis,
an integral experience
brought alive within!

feel FREE to Try fasting program: Simply Choose One, or Customize!




Fasting Journey


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