For the evolving humanity, thirsty for a new future... a mission for true peace, life and celebration of the differences!
Human Consciousness

Human species is awaiting a new future, that can uplift
the existence from present stresses and sorrows.

Therefore, the need to birth anew everyday life and innate human habits is an
urgent necessity. ‘fasting culture’ focuses on the ordinary aspect of our life which
has subtle yet deep effects on the direction we will take from the present
evolutionary crisis. With the aspiration to share the profound knowledge in
contemporary fashion, this project synthesizes the East & the West — the Vedic insight
and science with the most modern technologies. The intention is to offer and
effectuate truly fresh life-experience — the new growth potential in the lives of
individuals — in the lives of the global community of seekers, who aspire to
participate in Nature’s grand mission, to evolve planetary consciousness.

Herbal Teas - Detox

Discovering a new
way of seeing
the life & us,
that may make
our dream of
‘oneness’ a reality!

It is a fact that all human pursuits and actions must be aimed to
support the greater evolution.
In other words, all our actions must have
integral effects on all domains of Life, and need to be inspired by and for the
kingdom of Spirit.

Of many trends and interests we pursue today, the one that has
the ability to make this dream possible is that of fasting.
However, seeing
fasting beyond being just a custom or current-fashion is necessary, for it can
serve our deeper and integral need, for the biophysical health, psychic progress
and spiritual upliftment.

But what actions do we take?

Meditating as a quick-escape in the spiritual
world, has not helped us transform our nature
and rid ourselves off anger, fear, desires and
its breeding of consequent illnesses and crisis.

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A new way of living & acting, a new experience that can
help us shift into ‘that’ new reality, is the need of now!

new way of living & acting new way of living & acting new way of living & acting new way of living & acting
new way of living & acting new way of living & acting new way of living & acting new way of living & acting new way of living & acting new way of living & acting new way of living & acting new way of living & acting
oneness - healing and growing

fasting culture is not just an organization, it is a mission, by and for
the tribe of evolving humanity, who aspire for ‘Oneness’ through
healing & growing — aspire to explore a new way of seeing & living, which
unites us, our food, our earth, our truths and may finally gift us the reality of
experiencing the multitude uniting in The One.

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Your participation and our togetherness on this mission, is deeply valued! Thank you!

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