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Fasting Culture - Science of Fasting

The truth is: Life is a manifestation of the continuous
whole, pervading the cosmos...

...and, human body is a dynamic expression of the flowing
energy, materialized into basic elements, structures and
processes. We share the basic elements with our environment
and the entire world. And it is the unique composition of the
fundamental elements that guides our body structure &
processes and forms our unique personality.

Science of Fasting Science of Fasting Science of Fasting Science of Fasting
Science of Fasting Science of Fasting Science of Fasting Science of Fasting Science of Fasting Science of Fasting Science of Fasting

You are a unique person and the life & soul within you, requires
custom fasting, special nutrition and special attention. But in your daily
life, how can you simply, but scientifically and spiritually support the health
of your body, mind & soul? By discovering the music of the five fundamental
elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether, and their balance or imbalance
created in your body and being.

Five Elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether

And how do you measure
the balance or imbalance of these elements,
within your body?

By observing your life,
objectively through our At-Home Urine-Scan, or subjectively through
scientifically designed questions on body-life-nature. Both types of
scans take a very short time to give you the results. { LEARN MORE }

In urine-scan, the 14/12 bio-markers are translated into elements and also Chakras which
are the power plexuses in your body. Despite the depth of both the sciences — eastern
as well as western — the scan-result is presented with a simple chart and language, for
your ease of understanding. It is a unique way to track the history of your becoming.

At-Home Urine Scan 14/12 Bio Markers

for what

Channel Purification
Neuro Plasticity Expansion
Cellular Regeneration
Metabolic Fire Balance
Nerve Conditioning
Vital Energy Balance
Genetic Repair (self healing)
Immune Regulation
Reduced Cellular Stress

Ancient holistic science

Experience the wonderful marriage of
advanced biochemistry and
the ancient holistic life science,
to allow healing or create new balance!

Imagine the 14/12 bio-markers giving you a portrait of your Seven
Chakras & Five Elements. This never done before,
has now become a reality. It is a wonderful perspective on your
inner life and on the energy-world around you.

Science of Chakras and Elements

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