For the evolving humanity, thirsty for a new future... a mission for true peace, life and celebration of the differences!

our Skills...
strengths or weaknesses, as you may see...

Scientists. Designers. Ayurvedic Doctors. Technologists.

Headquartered in Singapore and contributing full time from across the world in
several countries – India, United States, Australia, Slovakia, Switzerland and Hong
Kong — we are a global team of individuals who aspire to unite as a tribe and
hope to expand along with you.

Graduates of Pratt, MIT, Cornell, Berkeley, Stanford, Cambridge as well as
Ayurvedic Universities in Kerala and Coimbatore — we collectively represent deep
insights into the areas of design, Ayurveda, diet and nutrition, music therapy,
modern science, mobile technologies and evolutionary spirituality. The team
consists of investors and creators of some of the most modern innovations in
socio-cultural design & activism, biogenetic chemistry, energy/natural medicine,
smart wellness devices and even well known internet disruptors.

As a team, we are free and open to become, with all our weaknesses and
strengths. And we all, value your togetherness on this mutual journey and
contribution to our earth and the humanity!

our Prayer...

Here, in camaraderie we align,
to your command, our Beloved!
At your feet, we shall rest &
by your heart, we must act,
to serve your mission for us mortals,
dreaming of Oneness, of Immortality
while here on this evolutionary planet!

Your blessings for our contribution in surrender,
our only request…

Grant us your light & love,
to serve and live in your Grace!

A new way of living & acting, a new experience that can
help us shift into ‘that’ new reality, is the need of now!

fasting culture is not just an organization, it is a mission, by and for
the tribe of evolving humanity, who aspire for ‘Oneness’ through
healing & growing — aspires to explore a new way of seeing & living, which
unites us, our food, our earth, our truths and may finally gift us the reality of
experiencing the multitude uniting in The One.

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Your participation and our togetherness on this mission, is deeply valued! Thank you!