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Choosing Your Program, Matters!

Follow your intention and select the right program for
your current bio-spiritual need. 18 fasting programs,
integrally designed for the soul, mind and body, which give
you an opportunity to choose, and also satisfy your
inspirations or instincts. Just begin with one day a week,
or follow daily the program of your choice.

Strengthening Body

16/8 - Intermittent
Liquid & Light
Fruits & Flowers
Detox Release
Nutrition Rich
Medicinal Care

Streamlining Mind

18/6 - Awakening
Facing the Play
Fear Detox
Anger Detox
Sex Detox
Pacifying Hunger

Soaring Soul

20/4 - Liberty
Just Water
Body Sensing
Creative Marathon
Loving Sun

Your Fasting Window:

Whether intermittent fast, circadian fast, juice fast or water fast, simply choose your fasting program to auto-set the fasting timer, or customize your fasting window and mindful activities for the day, just as you wish!

A mission, a service,
a product, for those of us who dream to see differently and aspire to become one with all...

Designing Your Journey!

Each fasting program recommends a journey, which you can modify
per your intention or intuition. From a list of customized
& nutritional (vegetarian) recipes, select the one you prefer.
Also, select the sessions for Breathing (pranayama),
Sound Bath (traditional music therapy and chants) and
Soulfood (for the integral reflection and meditation).
Sleep in the new consciousness, with the special tune/chant.

Wake Time
Sleep Time

Breathe Time
Sound Bath


Fasting Culture App - Journey Fasting Culture App - Journey

Knowing That You Are
Unique, begins with Diet!

Customized nutrition
designed for the body, mind & soul.

Each individual is unique when it comes to a balanced
nutrition. Based on your elements and needs for balance,
the App recommends vegetarian recipes well suited for you.
With carefully curated ingredients as per Ayurvedic science,
the recipes are Gluten-free, Dairy-free & Anti-inflammatory.
Each recipe provides an in-depth insight into its nutritional
value, as well as medicinal properties of each ingredient.
The belief: personalized, nourishing, vegetarian diet should be
the potent health-support.

1500+ vegetarian recipes to choose from...

Salad Bowls
Fruit Bowls


Vegetable Juices
Fruit Juices
Hot Milks

Herb Teas
Herbal Care
Flower Teas

Fasting Culture App - Plant Based Recipes Fasting Culture App - Vegan Friendly Diet

Soulfood and

Sound Bath...

Soulfood - Integral reflection and meditation Sound Bath - traditional music therapy and chants

Healing and Growing,
with Words, Ragas, Chants!

Over 5000 hours of contemplations, meditations and therapy
music to choose from! Each with a special purpose and
healing potential. Integral in their foundation, they are proved
to be profound in their soul and science. These words and
ragas impart special effects on human mind and soul, and are
prescribed to be listened at the right time in the right state.
If listened with the true inner ear, they can transform our
nature, give a calming “rest & digest” state to the nervous
system and help solve many bodily issues. If you allow, they can
uplift your entire being towards a new future.

Fasting Journey,
A Special Opportunity
Just for You!

A journey is a day-long commitment, to allow
your inner being to be touched by the deeper
experiences of life, and the true love for
yourself. A flourishing life means focus and
sincerity, for growth and healing, without
loosing the true joy of life! Whether you want
to take the journey for a single day or continue
it daily, weekly or monthly, simply select the
program, set your journey and receive
notifications to participate fully on that
special day — the day, assigned just for you!

Fasting Journey - 18/6 Awakening Fasting Journey - 16/8 Intermittent

Before your first journey, then once a month, simply update your profile
by taking the Urine Analysis or the Bio-Profile Questionnaire!

Urine Analysis Strip - Bio Profile

At-Home Urine Scan

Our urine analysis algorithms are developed to
analyze enzymatic reactions of the urine markers,
in 60 seconds. The platform is built to create a
mapping of your unique biology with 14 or 12
markers, at the highest efficiencies, compared to
the current systems of validations, based on the
human eye or decade-old optical technologies
used in the labs. Today’s mobile phone camera
systems have exponentially higher magnification
and resolution than current systems of analysis.

FDA and CE certified at-home-test strips
provide accurate and precise biochemical
reactions with just small quantity of urine, and
allow mobile systems to derive high precision

Bio-Markers Analyzed:

At-Home Urnie Scan Urine Strip Analysis - 14 Bio Markers




Micro Albumin
Specific Gravity



Micro Albumin
Specific Gravity

Fasting Culture App - Urine Scan: Elements Fasting Culture App - Urine Scan: Chakaras

Developing Subliminal Insights!
Not Confusing with Numbers!

Whether you take the Urine Test or the Bio-Profile
Questionnaire, the results are given as simple and comprehensible
graphic/chart, along with the scientific definitions and descriptions
of Elements and Chakras, with the aim to amplify deeper insights
into the body, self and also the environment.

The App leverages the 5000-year-old knowledge with proven
principles, which has synthesized its science with the soul.

The Five Fundamental Elements, represent the most important foundational
concept and its application in Ayurveda. More than physical elements, the Five
Elements represent ideas that are fundamental to nature and matter. In the body,
each element is associated with different tissues, nerves, organs and functions.
In the mind, the elements are associated with personality characteristics. In
medicine, the elements determine their actions.

Chakras, in this science, are described as the circular vortexes of energy, that are
placed in seven different points on the spinal column, and all the seven chakras
are connected to the various organs and glands within the body. These chakras
are responsible for distributing the life energy, which is also known as Prana.

Imbalance in the body aggravates or depletes these elements and the energies of
chakras. By balancing the elements and chakras, the physical, mental and vital
body engages in the self-healing or self-evolving journey.

Ayurveda - Five Fundamental Elements and Chakras

Ayurveda – a 5000-year-old
system of healing.
perspective is based on the
essence and principle of the
Five Fundamental Elements
and Chakras.

Based on the innate human power
of self-healing and balancing,
Ayurveda offers a truly holistic
approach to well-being of mind,
body and soul. It is a practice that
is rooted in the basic elements of
nature, the resilience of the
human body and evolutionary
need of the soul. Integrated and
complete in its nature, it is
designed to help us combat the
forces of disintegration present in
our current human lifestyle.

Science of Breath - Pranayama

The Science of Breath

Practice of Pranayama is scientifically
examined by medical research
institutes like Harvard and Stanford for
years, and has been proven incredibly
beneficial for human health and
evolution. This science is known for
contributing to the immune-resilience,
detoxification and integral balancing of
bio-physical or endocrinological
functions. Explore many unseen
benefits, simply with your breath.

App, phone or science are nothing but an instrument – not mission, nor future!

Freedom of body

“There are all kinds of freedom: mental
freedom, vital freedom, spiritual freedom,
which are the fruits of successive
masteries. But “there’s” a freedom that is
very ancient: the freedom of the body. The
body has a direct power on itself, without
any external intervention. It’s not a higher
consciousness that imposes itself on the
body: “it’s” the body itself awakening in its
cells, it’s a freedom of the cells. The new
humanity has to awaken to natural
recourse for freedom of cells. With this
awakening, the body suddenly finds itself
outside all habits, all actions and reactions,
consequences and takes control with “its”
own natural rhythm.”

FDA Approved Urine Strip 14 Markers, CE Approved Urine Strip 12 Markers

About Urine-Strip

certification of 14 or 12 markers

if you would like to know about the certification of the
urine test,please note that the 14-marker-strip is CE
certified, while the 12-marker-strip is FDA + CE certified,as
shown below. it is only a matter of your preference, as
both tests are available at the same price.

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